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The Best Way to Treat Psoriasis with Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many DIY remedies that use apple cider vinegar as an ingredient. When it comes to skin conditions, it is likely to do more harm than good, even though it may be helpful in small amounts when added to your diet. As a result, you can soothe psoriasis outbreaks and reduce discomfort in a number of ways. Find out why apple cider vinegar isn’t ideal and learn about the proven treatments that work!

Is apple cider vinegar effective for treating psoriasis?

In most cases, it won’t make a big difference to your psoriasis.

Many people claim apple cider vinegar is antibacterial or anti-inflammatory, but there isn’t much good evidence to support that claim. Despite what you might think, apple cider vinegar doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on skin health. If you already have sensitive skin, it is likely to irritate it or damage it.

Apple cider vinegar is said to kill germs and reduce inflammation by many, but there isn’t much good evidence to back that up. Not at all what you might think, apple cider vinegar doesn’t seem to improve skin health much. If you already have sensitive skin, it could make it worse or even hurt it.

  • Very few of the apple cider vinegar skin remedies out there are based on any scientific foundation. It’s true that people have historically used apple cider vinegar for a variety of conditions for hundreds of years, but there’s just no science behind a lot of those practices.
  • There isn’t any good evidence that vinegar will prevent infections, either.

What makes apple cider vinegar unsuitable for treating psoriasis?

It is based on the premise that vinegar is slightly acidic, so it should rebalance the pH of your skin when it is experiencing a skin problem. It seems that vinegar doesn’t seem to have any effect on skin pH except a temporary one, and if your skin is already sensitive, you may experience additional pain or irritation as a result.

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