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How to Treat Psoriasis with Apple Cider Vinegar

Eric McClure and Heather Richmond, MD, co-authored

Apple cider vinegar is a common component in many different do-it-yourself treatments. Unfortunately, when it comes to skin disorders, it’s generally going to cause more harm than good, even though it might be beneficial in very little amounts when added to your diet. Having stated that, there are several approaches to lessen discomfort and calm psoriasis flare-ups. You’ve come to the proper spot if you’d want to know more about why apple cider vinegar isn’t the best option as well as effective remedies!


1.Does psoriasis benefit from using apple cider vinegar?
2.Does apple cider vinegar not work well for psoriasis?
3.Is using apple cider vinegar topically safe?
4.Is consuming apple cider vinegar going to help my psoriasis?
5.Can psoriasis on my scalp be treated with apple cider vinegar?
6.What is the best way to cure psoriasis?
7.How can I expedite the psoriasis healing process?
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Does psoriasis benefit from using apple cider vinegar?

No, your psoriasis won’t get much better with it.

While some say apple cider vinegar has antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties, there isn’t much solid data to support these claims. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t seem that apple cider vinegar does anything to enhance skin health.If anything, if your skin is already sensitive, it would probably further aggravate it or cause harm.

  • There are very few skin care products made with apple cider vinegar that have any kind of scientific backing. While it is true that apple cider vinegar has been used for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of ailments, many of these traditional uses lack scientific support.
  • Additionally, there isn’t any solid proof that vinegar can ward against diseases.

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