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Here are 18 tips to help you have a better sexual life

Having an active sex life can benefit your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as strengthen your relationship with your partner.

The only problem is that sometimes stress, aging, or mismatched sex drives can get in the way. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to increase libido, enhance sex, and reconnect with your partner physically, so you can increase your libido and make sex more satisfying.

Be open with your partner :

Tell the truth about what you want and need sexually. Both you and your partner should be honest with each other about what you want and any fears you may have so that you can have sex that you both enjoy. When you talk to your partner about sex, be clear and direct, and don’t be afraid to bring up any worries you may have.

  • Having sex with your partner is a team effort, so it’s important that you both listen to each other and feel comfortable saying what you think.
  • When talking about your own feelings, use “I” words so you don’t sound like you’re criticizing or accusing your partner.
  • You could say something like, “I think kissing and touching outside of the bedroom would help me feel better” or “Sometimes I feel bad about my body and it would make me feel better to hear that you’re having fun.

Make time for personal relationships or intimacy :

Prioritize having sex and schedule time for it each week. Having an active and fulfilling sexual life while managing a hectic schedule can be challenging. Plan a time to settle down and schedule some quality time together if you’ve been missing each other. Perhaps you’ll set a goal to do it every other week if you’re really busy, or at least once a week. To ensure that it doesn’t get entirely forgotten, it’s crucial that you prioritize having sex.

  • Of course, another action that might liven up your sex life is being impulsive. When you and your significant other find themselves alone for a while, surprise them with more personal pursuits.
  • One study found that couples were happiest when they had sex once a week, albeit each couple may have varied demands when it comes to how frequently they participate in sexual activity.
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