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Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair: How to Use it

Not only is apple cider vinegar a staple health food, but it can also be used to make your hair look beautiful. You can make a hair solution with unfiltered apple cider vinegar and water that can treat itchy scalps, breakage of your hair, and even grow it faster by using just the right amount of vinegar. Aside from removing product build-up, apple cider vinegar can also make your hair look shiny and smooth by removing product build-up.

Here are some things you should know

If you want to prevent burning from using apple cider vinegar, Shun Pittman recommends creating a mixture that is made of “three parts water to one part apple cider vinegar.” After shampooing and conditioning, pour the mixture evenly over your hair for two to ten minutes.

Creating a hair solution using apple cider vinegar

Make sure the apple cider vinegar you choose is raw, unfiltered.

Choose an unfiltered apple cider vinegar that is cloudy rather than clear when buying the apple cider vinegar to apply to your hair. Clear apple cider vinegars have been pasteurized to remove sediment that makes raw apple cider vinegar cloudy. It is best to use a raw, unfiltered vinegar product because the sediment contains nutrients that are beneficial for your hair.

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